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Welcome to We Are Adventure Riders!

We are Matt and Lucie, a British couple who somehow rode a motorcycle 2up half way around the world, without either having any adventure biking experience at all...

On 15th May 2022, we rode out of a sleepy village in the UK, with everything we would need piled on the back of our BMW R1200GSA, to embark on an adventure that would take us 41,700km through 30 countries and across 3 continents. 


But mere months before leaving, we had no motorcycle, no motorcycle licence, no riding or camping gear, and no adventure motorcycle travel experience whatsoever!


This is not a story of calm and easy travel on smooth tarmac roads. This is a story of true adventure – riding some of the most challenging roads in the world, crashing in Albania, being escorted by Iraq military, overcoming a multitude of logistical nightmares, crossing crocodile infested rivers in the middle of the Zambian jungle, camping with tribes and rhinos, and much more.

We are now excited to continue reliving and sharing our journey with the world through our Instagram and YouTube channels. Be sure to follow the adventure!

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